Vivek Khemka

At the young age of 35 years I almost lost hope because of my disease, DIABETES, I was on insulin pump since 2nd October 2010 with the mean cost of Rs. 10000/- per month on Insulin Pump. I took almost eight tablets every morning for thyroid, kidney protein leakage, pressure, body pain, cholesterol, and around 150 units of insulin per day with a huge recurring expenditure on medicines, insulin monthly apart from pump maintenance. Insulin pump maintenance & security was costlier than my car maintenance& security. Moreover I was not even able to eat anything sweet, no fruits, no rice, no potato, and even was not able to lift my young son because the pump used to ache. Life was a hell for me, movement for a small distance was highly difficult for me due to heavy weight. There was huge pain on my legs. I used to find difficulty in standing in society functions. I counted my days to be numbered. I was not even able to look after my business properly.

This surgery has given me a new life. My wife only supported me. My wife support & my Dr. U. N. Patel assurance was a miracle for me. Their only support gifted me a new life.

I heard about the surgery from my family physician Dr. U. N. Patel (Kolkata) Mobile No. 9830057403, who happens to be a very good friend of Dr. Surendra Ugale mob. No. 9573200951/9830042025, after learning about the surgery I went through the details on net, met few people in Kolkata who went through the surgery and got myself prepared for it. . Before surgery I weighted 96 kilos. My surgery was performed by Dr . Surendra Ugale at BELLE VIEW Hospital in Kolkata on 10th july 2011 under supervision of my family physician Dr. U. N. Patel (also known as Bunny Patel in Kolkata).

Soon after the surgery my pump was removed, few days later there was no more insulin for me, my life was as if it was a new beginning for me. It took me some time to get proper on the diet but now I can do all my work, I drive without any fear, I can eat everything (in small amount), and top of it can play with my son lift him without any pain. Before surgery my waist was 42 inch & shirt size was 44 inch, now after seven months waist is somewhat 33 inches & shirt size is 39/40 inches (slim fit). Now I weigh 60 kilos and my HBA1c reports ‘5’.

I suggest you to go for the surgery as it is a life saving surgery n will definitely change your life. Though I am the rarest case being operated till now in this universe, consuming 150 units by an insulin pump being installed on the body 24 hrs/365 days (can be understood as external pancreas) & although maintaining food restrictions my sugar level stayed above 250 to 350 mg (24 hours).

Please feel free to contact me for any queries.

Vivek Khemka

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