Susan Thomas

Laparoscopic Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

At 94 kg body weight, life for me had literally come to a standstill! I would get tired even with the slightest of physical activity and climbing even one flight of stairs was simply out of the question. I was on large doses of insulin injections three times a day and the dosage kept increasing as my body weight also did. I often suffered with bouts of hypoglycaemia. My kidneys were also getting affected and creatinin was steadily increasing. I had literally come to the road’s end, not knowing how to shift into reverse gear.

I am happy that I made the decision to go in for surgery for ileum interposition and sleeve gastrectomy. It was a simple procedure, done laparoscopically, and within a few weeks of surgery I was fit enough to undertake a 16 hour flight to the U.S. My body weight has fallen by over 20 kgs and diabetes is now totally under control. I have stopped insulin injections – something which I could only dream of earlier

Prior to the surgery, my blood pressure and cholesterol were also high and I was under medication for them. Now they are within normal limits and I am off medication for them. No more instances of hypoglycaemia. Creatinin is also within normal limits.

This obviously is a new life for me and I am indeed grateful to Dr. Surendra Ugale for performing this surgery. I now feel more energetic, don’t get tired that easily and most importantly am able to eat whatever I want – of course in smaller quantities. Thank God, I can now lead a normal life!

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