At the age of 50 i was detected as having DIABETES, I was on oral drugs for about 8 years. In the beginning my levels were under control and as time passed slowly the levels increased and also dosage of drugs increased. At one point my fasting level went up to 280 and the physician treating me suggested using of insulin. I brooded over the matter over six months and after careful consideration and discussion with few friends i have decided to undergo this surgery

The surgery was performed at Hyderabad in Kirloskar Hospital and the procedure took around 5 hours. There were no post surgical complications and the team of surgeons under guidance of Dr. Suren Ugale were very skilled. My stay at this hospital was very comfortable and the staff took good care of me and my wife who was with me throughout.

I have completed about six months in March 12 and the follow up results are very encouraging. I have fasting sugar level at 90 and post at 110 and with HBA1c at 6.4. Before surgery it used be around 9.5

I can say my decision has been good, except for some people to comment on that i have lost lot of weight and look slimmer. As you age it is good to be slimmer and fitter.

Please feel free to contact me for any queries.