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Best Bariatric Surgeon in Hyderabad

Dated 19.02.2010
Wt: 163 Kgs.

Weight Loss Surgery in Hyderabad

Dated 29.04.2010
Wt: 126 Kgs.

Best Diabetic Surgeon in Hyderabad

Dated 07.11.2010
Wt: 99 Kgs.

Opportunity seems to have an uncanny habit of favoring those who have paid the price of years. And lord knows I had.

My life had reached a point of no return. A point where you know, intuitively, certainly, that the only destination you are headed to is six feet under. It’s a feeling hard to describe in words. It’s an outer body experience, where you see yourself spiraling down and you have absolutely no control. Since a few years, it had gone worse. My diabetes was off the charts, coupled with excessive weight gain. The cherry on the cake was life stress and the shame 160 kgs of fat bought with it. I knew I had to make a drastic decision if I wanted to live for myself and moreover for my family. I had paid dearly for what I had become. My social life was zero. I wouldn’t want to parade my bulky, huffing, tired, shameful self in front of the society. My family paid with me. I started loving the solitude of my cosy work space, and empty bedroom. Comfort eating had become a way of life.

Then I stumbled upon Dr. Ugale’s website. A host of promises was made. Every promise eluded me to a better life. Diabetic surgery being a relatively new concept, I figured there were risks probably fatal. But, as I reasoned, I realised that if something goes wrong with the surgery, I die a death which was any which way inevitable in 6 months. I decided to take my chances. I spoke to Dr. Ugale, got my tests done, and without even meeting him face to face, booked my surgery.

A hasty decision deemed foolish by the world, gave me a second life. Today I am 70kgs lighter. The shame is gone. The Diabetes is gone. The insulin is gone. Blood pressure is gone. All other medications are gone.

And all I am left life. A beautiful energetic disease free life that I forgot existed.

Opportunity rarely knocks on your door. Knock rather on opportunity's door if you ardently wish to enter.

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