Mithun Roy

My name is Mithun Roy.
DOB - 4th Oct 1978
Occupation - Marketing Manager at Pernod Ricard India Ltd

Its actually a new life for me post 12th January 2011... Just to give all of u a brief history about me -

I was 122 kgs suffering from acute sleep apnoea, my blood pressure used to hover around 180/120.. I could hardly walk 300 mtrs at a stretch, climbing up stairs was like a punishment. I could not sleep straight for almost 2.5 years, had to take refuge of a CPAP machine to get some sleep. The overall ailments started hampering my work, self confidence so on n so forth... The lack of sleep at night did not allow proper working mode in the day time. I used to doze off in my chamber.My overall weight was because of my filthy food habits.. But there was a point of time when eating was also like a punishment.

When i was actually loosing all hopes, my girlfriend got Dr Ugale s contact details. I was totally against it but somehow got convinced with the write ups on the net. Met him with 1000s of queries but he took all care to reply to each n every stupid questions of mine. To be honest, i was still not convinced as I thought Doc was trying to convince me about the product.

My health continued to detoriate & there was a point of time when i realised that nothing can get worse than this.. So i decided to go for the surgery.. I chose Kirloskar hospital in Hyderabad..

I reached Hyderabad on 8th January late evening. All required test were done the following day.My surgery happened on 12th January '11. I was senseless for almost 4 hrs. When i regained my senses I was in the ICU. That was the 1st time after almost 3 years that i found myself lying straight on the bed, I could see the ceiling. It was an awesome feeling.Doc had said that i would take 3 days to recover & start walking. I started walking from the next day. I took the morning flight back to Calcutta on Saturday & joined back office on 18th January..

Since then I have lost 34 kgs till date. I stopped using the CPAAP machine almost immediately post surgery...there was some restriction regarding some food n alcohol for 1st couple of months.. Now everything is normal. I drink once or twice a week & can eat almost anything & everything ( only in small quantities). I can walk/run on the treadmill for 20 mins at a stretch. Ican do pranayam & actually can do everything ....

Its a new life in the true sense.

Before i forget to mention i would like to thank each n everyone ( dont remember everybody s name) in Kirloskar hospital for a great hospitality with special mentions about the guy who helped me with all the medical tests, the strict chest specialist, the anaesthetist, the dietician, the matron & all the nurses ..

Cant say that I would like to go back to the hospital once more but its because of all of them that I am leading a healthy life today.