Difficult & complicated situations which have been dealt with  successfully by our team; we have also trained 4 surgeons  in Turkey & 3 surgeons in Tbilisi, Georgia in Europe.

1. Mr. B L Jhunjhunwala- 172 kg wt;  Blood Sugar 
300 mg with 180 units of Insulin; having 30 medicines for High blood pressure, thyroid, cardiac problems, Joint pain, early Nephropathy, Neuropathy.
Post operative period- Sugar normal & not having any drugs.
2.Mrs. Anita Sikaria-Polio in both legs; can't walk due to obesity; after Bariatric Surgery can walk with support.
3.Mrs. Anita Bansal - many years of diabetes has gone.
4.Mrs. Kusum Hirawat- Pituitory tumor with Diabetes & Morbid Obesity.
5.Mr. Vatcha-Paraplegia, Morbid obesity& Diabetes.
6.Mrs. Pushpa Pathak- Kidney Transplant in 2005; Uncontrolled Diabetes & Morbid obesity due to steroid therapy.
7.Mr. K C Goyel- CRF, Diabetes, Morbid obesity, at the verge of Dialysis.
8.Mr. Vivek Khemka- on Insulin pump
9.Mr. Satya Narayan Dey-22 yrs. Uncontrolled Diabetes with Insulin. Postoperative period -- Sugar normal range without any drug.


No of patients operated till May 2012: 101

Results Summary : 

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