Patient Selection for Diabetes Surgery

First Step

First Step to check if you can be considered for this surgery.

1st Step Selection Tests----
Blood tests--

  1. Measure the Blood Glucose, C-peptide & Se. Insulin in Fasting state, and again at 60 mins after drinking solution with 75 gms Glucose (plus small piece of cheese if possible). [No Insulin that morning & no Lantus Insulin the previous night; usual Tablets can be taken]

  2. Se. Glucagon Fasting

  3. HbA1c

  4. Se. Lipids

  5. Urine for Micro-albumin

    GAD antibody, Islet-Cell Antibody (ICA) & Insulin auto-antibody (IAA2) tests will be done if required

2nd Step

A Clinical (physical) exam will be done, foll. by an exhaustive list of investigations and anesthesia fitness, before you can be taken up for diabetic surgery.


  1. Complete Blood Picture

  2. Fasting Blood sugar

  3. HbA1c

  4. Fasting Se. Insulin

  5. BUN

  6. Se. Creatinine

  7. Prothrombin time, BT & CT

  8. Liver function tests

  9. Lipid profile

  10. Se Uric Acid

  11. Se. Iron

  12. Se. T3, T4, TSH

  13. Se.HbsAg, HIV, HCV

  14. Se. Vit B-12

  15. Se. Calcium

  16. 25 OH Vit D3 

  17. Se. PTH

  18. Se. Cortisol- Fasting

  19. C- Reactive Protein

  20. Blood group

  21. Urine routine

  22. X-Ray chest PA

  23. ECG

  24. Pulmonary function tests

  25. 2-D Echo

  26. Colour Doppler for  Lower limbs (venous )

  27. Ultrasound exam -Whole abdomen

  28. UGI Endoscopy with Rapid Urease test (RUT) with IV Midazolam

3rd Step

Admission into hospital 1 or 2 days before surgery, according to anesthetists advice.
Liquid diet for 2 days