Complete control of Diabetes by Laparoscopic Surgery

The biggest recent advancement in the medical world is Control of  Diabetes (Type 2) by Laparoscopic  (Key-hole) Surgery. A team of specialists from Hyderabad led by Dr Surendra Ugale is the  first in India to have performed Ileal Transposition Surgery (small intestinal switch) for control and finally cure of diabetes.

Dr Ugale is the first Indian surgeon to have had the privilege of being trained by the world pioneer of this procedure, Dr Aureo de Paula of Brazil,  to gain experience in Diabetic Surgery. Dr Aureo has been performing this surgery since 2003, and has presented his work internationally, showing excellent results.

The first surgery in India was performed on 18th Feb. 2008 at Kirloskar Hospital's Laparoscopic Surgery Centre, at Bashir Bagh, Hyderabad, on a 56-year-old lady.

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